Biosecurity Tips for Backyard Chickens

When I started back up with raising my current flock (I took a couple years off), I was pretty set on only having 6 chickens. Now, fast forward almost 3 years and my flock is up to 40! Hahaha! If you know what chicken math is, that’s why!

I am part of a number of backyard chicken groups on social media and it seems there are always people selling or giving away chickens or looking to add adult birds into their flock. As tempting as some of these beautiful birds are, I always decline. Some of the best advice I ever received was from Dr. Bob Stock, a brilliant poultry nutritionist. He told me that if I wanted to add to my flock, just add them as chicks. Obviously, there’s a process to adding to your flock that way and you can read my other blog here about integrating your new chicks into your current flock.