Chick Perch

Price: $ 18

  • Eco-Friendly Material for Optimal Safety: Crafted from premium, non-toxic pine wood, our chick perch ensures a secure environment free from harmful substances, providing a safe space for your young chickens to play and rest comfortably.
  • Robust Triangular Design: Featuring a solid triangular structure, our stand delivers exceptional stability without compromising strength or durability, offering a reliable platform that supports your chicks' playtime and growth safely.
  • Spacious and Versatile: Measuring 14.4 x 10.7 x 6.7 inches, our spacious perch can accommodate 6-10 chicks comfortably, providing ample room for activities like jumping, playing, and socializing, making it ideal for all fowl friends, including parrots and pigeons.
  • Compatible with Various Locations: Whether you want to place it in a farm, coop, house, or garden, our Chick Perch Stand is versatile and adaptable to different environments, offering convenience and comfort for your animals wherever you choose to create a cozy spot for them.
  • Thoughtful Gift Choice: If you're looking for a practical and considerate gift for someone special who values their coop or brooder, our well-crafted Chick Perch is an excellent choice, promising endless entertainment and comfort for the youngest members of their feathered family.